Les Enfants ont droit à leurs Mère et Père

Children have the Right to Their Mother and Father

Kinder haben ein Recht auf Vater und Mutter

“Violation of the Human Rights of Children in Germany


Demonstration in Strasbourg on Human Rights Day, 10th December 2002, in front of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)


12:00 pm:       Meeting of participants in front of the European Court of Human Rights


12:30 pm:       Spoken contributions: “Children have a right to their father and mother”

Cäcilie and Josef Karduck (initiators), Michael Hickman (South Africa), Karin Jäckel (author of books about children), Rita Bögershausen (Federal Initiative for Grandparents), Rüdiger Meyer-Spelbrink (VAFK, German fathers’ organisation), CEED (France), SOS Papa (France), Christian Gut (international parents), & further personalities from France, England, Switzerland and Germany.

(The speakers will briefly outline the situation and the demands being made)


1:30 pm:         For all participants:  “I accuse /  J’accuse / Ich klage
at the “Wall of Shame”

All participants have the opportunity to speak out on violations of their personal human rights at the “Wall of Shame”.  For the short (1 minute) contributions please use the sample indictment.  You can then affix your case to the “Wall of Shame”.

With your presupposed consent, the collected indictments will be passed on to international human rights organisations and legal bodies.


3:00 pm:         Press Conference in front of the “Berlin Wall” in the inner courtyard of the Court

Press statements and discussion.  The participants comprise a representative cross-section of all the concerned family members (parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, and other relatives), both in Germany and internationally.


4:00 pm:         End of demonstration

In parallel to the above programme additional programme events will be offered for all participants